Official Launch

Please take a moment to read over our post to help homeless babies in need! We are asking for everyone’s help spread the word on our peer-to-peer social sharing to fundraiser money.

Every Baby Counts is dedicated to reducing the risk of sudden unexpected infant death through education and supporting services which starts with the health of newborns.

Our goal is to help mothers through community mother-to-mother support programs, encouragement, information, and education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.

This past year I’ve been working on getting the Project Sleep Safe campaign and we have now officially launched Every Baby Counts; overlapping with Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

Every Baby Counts is now in partnership with a number of established non-profit organizations that support homeless pregnant women and their babies facing difficult circumstances, giving them a future and a hope.

We have partnered with organizations like Birthline, Precious Life Shelter, Casa Teresa and Olive Crest to meet an ever-growing need to provide support for pregnant women who are homeless.

100% of donations go directly to groups who are working with us.

No money goes to administrative expenses.
Your donation will have a positive impact on the lives of mothers and their children, and we cherish each and every one of our families as they progress towards full, loving and rewarding futures.

Please share our this page on Facebook with anyone you know who might share our love, or for whom this project might resonate.

Thanks to everyone who makes life easier for families living in poverty.

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